The French Connection

The  French Connection

The International and Strategic Office, FUTA in collaboration with Campus France under the aegis of Alliance Francais has organized an enlightenment programme on the French Higher Education System for students of the university on the availability of scholarships and study opportunities in France. Mr. Rafiu Omoloye of Campus France said his organization provides information on the various institutions in France and guides students in the processing of Visas .

He said the French Higher Education system is internationally recognized, accessible to non-French speaking students, offers a recognized, and  a wide variety of programmes and friendly to international students. He said fees vary from private to public institutions while tests like IELTS, GMAT and GRE are required.  Mr. Omoloye said France is one of the best academic destinations in the world because its home to some of the best universities, cheaper than schools in America, and a world class economic power.

He said the fields available to students include programmes in Engineering, Sciences, Social Sciences and Business Administration with duration of 3 years for Bachelor degrees, 2 years for Masters and 3 years for Doctorate in line with the European qualifications framework.

The Director, International and Strategy Office, Professor Tom Ofuya, said higher education in France has several opportunities for students. He encouraged the students to surmount the language barrier and see the programme as an avenue to learn about schooling in Europe.